Sunday, April 25, 2010

A New Future Ahead

After many months of planning and research, it was finally time to give my notice at the full-time job I had been working at for 2.5 years and to go out on my own. I had made some really close friendships and had gained some very valuable skills as a designer. I had many positives in a full-time job, but I also had learned after several years in the field, what kind of designer and professional I want to be and what kind of projects I want to pursue. It means a lot of changes and a major directions change, but also so many positives and long term goals for my career that I can have control over.

This change was the major reason for the office remodeling. I plan to network and make some new professional connections and a lot of this will be done in various locations. It is great in the meantime, to have a home base and a great office space to work in.

I also plan to take several months to make contact with new clients, but also to develop new web skills that I have not been able to cultivate in my full-time position. I also plan to keep working on my photography and to get back into sketching and going on day long trips for new design inspiration.

Here are some images from one of my sketchbooks that shows some of my research and business planning.

This list shows some of my brainstorming on a business name, before deciding on Flip Design. I should do another post on the development and thinking behind that name as well.

These two photographs shows some examples and notes on logos that I found interesting.

These show layout development for the Web site and also some thoughts on marketing materials.

I have one more week at work and then I will begin my new career adventure. I am excited to get started and see what new skills and creative endeavors I can take on! A big thank you to my husband for all of his support and to my best friend Chandler O'Leary for her inspiration on taking on this new path.

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  1. It's funny. I was just about to comment about how you're such a huge inspiration to me! As always, you are my hero. I can't wait to talk to you about how your new career is going—because I did this by the seat of my pants, and I know I could always stand to learn a lot from you. Congratulations, and lots of love!