Tuesday, April 13, 2010


On Saturday April 10, Jason, Paul, Allison, Josh and I attended the opening of the annual ARTCRANK Poster Show in Minneapolis.

We have been to every one since it started in 2006. The show is a fantastic showcase of local artists visual take on biking and specifically, biking in Minneapolis through posters. This year, the event was held at Shelter Studios on Broadway in Northeast.

These images are views from outside the studio and the bike parking provided by Full Cycle, a non-profit group in Minneapolis.

The venue was a huge improvement in space over the previous years where it had been held at the One On One Bicycle Studio in downtown Minneapolis. I had always loved the previous venue because of its central location and its great style and atmosphere. But, the new location was great since this event seems to get larger every year.

This event has always been such a great mix of the local creative community and the Minneapolis community as a whole. I am always amazed at the posters I end up loving and then purchasing and then the ones I see others leave with that I did not really notice. Many are silkscreened, sometimes in only editions of 30.

We see posters from artists we have seen every year, like Adam Turman and Studio on Fire.

But every year, we also see new artists and each year has surprisingly different styles and an overall feel.

Despite having to stand in line for a while to pay and pick up your posters, it is all worth it, every time. We love this show and will attend every year, even if we run out of room with the number of posters we have acquired. It is a great chance to mingle with creatives and Minneapolis enthusiasts alike. Thanks Minneapolis, for another great reason to live in your city.


  1. One of the many things I miss about the Twin Cities. Sigh. But you're inspiring me to dream up some bicycle-themed art!