Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blogs/Sites I Follow

I have been asked by students and other designers alike which sites and blogs I follow. I have a few that I am devoted to and check on a regular basis for great articles, design inspiration, news and just general fun photographs and imagery. During a day when I feel stuck on a project, these great sites are sure to get some new ideas flowing!

Design Sponge
I love this blog because it features other creative designs, arts and crafts like interior design, furniture, clothing, accessories and fun ideas for the home and office. It keeps my mind fresh with new ideas that are not centered around only print or web design.

The tried and true AIGA (American Institute for Graphic Arts). A staple of most designers, I often find interesting articles and sometimes, job postings. It also keeps me up to date on new designers to follow in the United States and trends that may be happening in other areas.

This is the site I use to keep people up to date on my blog posts, new projects and general work-related thoughts for the day. I also get a ton of information on who is looking for a freelancer, the work of other designers I know, friends and events in the area. It often how I find out about a great poster show, new photographer or piece of news in my area.

Being a lover of good and new typography, this site is great for new information, books and trends in that area of design.

The Dieline
I absolutely cannot live without this site. I check it almost every day and what I love is that it is completely devoted to one format of design: packaging. From student work, redesigns and professional firms, the work is wonderful, diverse and so inspirational for any ideas you might need for any format of design.

Graphic Exchange
This site is updated almost daily and has beautiful design examples from all over the world in various formats: print, packaging, photography, objects, identity and web. The work is submitted by the designers and has great color, type and texture. I think the web examples are the smallest of the bunch in terms of the variety, but I always get ideas for me designs.