Thursday, November 24, 2011


Patterns have always been used in design and the visual arts in general. Whether they are used to add visual appeal or detail, balance out the layout, express a brand, add order and organization or a hand-created element, patterns enhance the beauty and individuality to any piece. I see them in graphic design more and more as time passes, especially in ways that have been hand-created or that use the logo as the pattern element. They are shown as standing out or subtle, depending on the use and brand.

Patterns are a smart way to add punch to the second side of a piece or to an element that might otherwise be overlooked, like the belly band, wrapper or packaging. Patterns show that all parts of the design should be taken into account.

The idea of using them in a space for branding, rather than just on traditional identity elements, is also something I am seeing as a trend.

Below are some examples of ones I have collected recently.

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