Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Typographic Posters

While teaching typography at both Brainco and the Miami Ad School, I always include a class on typography on a large scale. While I do refer to exterior signage and other huge size graphics, the assignment I hand out is usually a large-scale poster. It is great way for students to understand how to design and then refer to their work as they go. It may seem like typography on the computer is working, but until you stand back and refer to it and adjust, you could be missing great opportunities. I usually throw in some limitations like it needs to be in black and white and only typography can be used. I am always amazed by how many different examples the students come up with and how creative the solutions can be.

I have compiled some great examples of typographic posters from around the world as part of my teaching research. I refer to them myself all the time for some inspiration and to remember that typography can be as interesting and effective for graphics as any photograph or illustration. Especially some hand-drawn letterforms can be amazing in their details and overall form.

Please leave comments about which typographic posters have inspired you!

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  1. i really like these typography posters i wish my college tutors taught me more about type and got me to design posters like these as opposed to teaching myself