Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Redesigning the Office/Attic

When Jason and I moved into our house in September of 2005, we fell in love with it right away. We love living in Minneapolis and found a perfect house in the Standish-Ericsson neighborhood. It was built in 1922 and has all the charm and quirks of an old house. We have had to make some changes and buy some new appliances, but that seems to be true of new houses too.

One of the best features of the house is its second floor which is technically a half floor. We have for the past several years had it is a semi-studio. But mainly, it has been used as storage and a location for other household items that we cannot seem to find a place for anywhere else in our 1400 sq/ft house.

I decided a few months ago that I wanted to convert that second floor space into an office with shelving for all of our books, an open workspace and a nicely lit space for our computer. Jason is helping me turn that space into something really creative and conducive to design and research. The hope is soon it will be my full-time workspace and graphic design studio.

Below are some of the images taken as we clean it out and decide what is staying and what is going.

One of the major things we will work on is providing more light since there really is only the two windows on either end. We are also going to paint the space to add some warmth and light.

The view of the backyard from the window upstairs.

One round of trash and recyclables that I took out on Sunday afternoon. Notice Jason's Light Saber box which he agreed did not necessarily need to be kept forever. Also, the forms Jason used to design and build my Stewie head which can be seen in an earlier photo.

The photos show the long, narrow closet up in the attic that we have organized to place old school work, portfolio and a lot of art supplies. I would like to eventually have some more organized boxes or drawers to put everything in, but it is working like this right now.

I will post more images as we keep working on this several week plan. Once everything is cleared out, we will know that new elements we need to buy to make this a better office space. Hopefully in May, the office will be ready to go!

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  1. Oh, boy, that Stewie head. I love it. Your husband is a genius with foam-rubber costumes.

    And you're tempting me to tear out my studio space and re-decorate!