Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Simple Branding Applied in a Natural Style

One of the best things about being a designer is seeing how visual design changes based on trends and the interests of the user. I have noticed that modern, simple design has merged into something much more handmade and natural. Some of this is due to people being more interested in organic and eco-friendly materials. I also think it is a pull back from the sanitary nature of modern design in some respects. 

Design does not need to be sans serif on white with no personality or an approachable voice. Design should be something approachable and used in your everyday life. By using simple, nicely designed and well considered typography on branding, packaging and environmental graphics can be brought to everyone. I have pulled some examples I have collected that showcase simple design that still speaks to the items it is conveying. Most use one color, with maybe a highlight. They often use a more traditional style of typography and layout.

I find it refreshing to see how in the age of technology, there is still a relevant place for this kind of design.

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  1. Lovely examples, beautiful photography...just what I love.