Monday, July 26, 2010

Photographs from New York City

Souvenir Stand in Chinatown

My next "One Piece-One Week" is upcoming but it will have to wait until I return from my trip to Seattle/Tacoma next Tuesday. In the meantime, I wanted to post some of the photographs I took on my weekend trip to New York City with my husband and our friend.

Having been to New York City many times (my husband's home town), one of my favorite things to photograph, since I have outgrown shooting the landmarks, is the every day life of the city. I try to blend in and sometimes just sit quietly until a unique moment presents itself.

Lamps in Chinatown

Masts on the Ships at Pier 17

Delicatessen Sign in Greenwich Village

Stack of Bowls at Pearl River in Soho

Benches After the Rain in Washington Square Park

It happened to be almost 100 degrees in New York on this weekend which made it a little harder to get around and enjoy being outside for extended periods of time. But, I did shoot what I could when the air would cool off slightly, or when we would check out some of our favorite air conditioned shops in Chinatown and Soho.

Stack of Tea at Pearl River in Soho

Schnippers in Midtown

Fruit Bowl and Bread Basket at Pain in Soho

Cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village

Aprons at Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village

We enjoyed cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village and a lovely breakfast of bread, cheese, jam and fruit at Pain in Soho. We also always bring home a few Asian wares from Pearl River in Soho. This year it included a little Chinese outfit for the arrival of our daughter in November. We also met up with our best buddy Dan Hertzberg for lunch at Schnipper's in Midtown, in the New York Tomes building. Really good macaroni and cheese!

Sisters Playing in the Fountain at Washington Square Park

Little Boy at Washington Square Park

I also love to catch the children playing in Washington Square Park, especially the ones who get right into the fountain to play in the water.

Overall, my favorite kind of photo shooting is the kind that chronicles the everyday movements and locations of the places right around you. For me, it captures a timelessness and simplicity that can only be seen through the eye of the observer.


  1. Some beautiful shots here, Elizabeth! I particularly like the souvenir stand. I see from the Magnolia Bakery photo that Jason was there ahead of you....

  2. You and Jason are my favorite people to go to New York with. And your photos capture each moment so perfectly, and in such a real way. Lovely.