Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good Design is Everywhere

Paper samples at Paper Source in Uptown Minneapolis

In an increasingly digital world, many types of design are mostly noticed on a mobile phone or on the computer. Especially as a designer, most days can be spent without going out into the everyday world and noticing the good design that you encounter on an every day basis. It requires a sharper eye and an appreciation for typography, color choice and design on a large scale or in a three-dimensional applications.

Paper Notebooks at the Seward Co-op

Letter press cards and envelopes at Paper Source

Metal Bottles at Patina

It means noticing graphic design as environmental graphics, packaging, exhibits, wayfinding and information design, paper, printing, books and goods that you consume and throw away every day.

yum! Kitchen and Bakery in St. Louis Park

Writing Kit at Patina

How to Make Books by Esther K. Smith

Seward Coop environmental graphics

One part of design that has always been incredible interesting to me is packaging design. To me, it is the smart application of a brand that needs to address several elements. It has to be recognizable and stand out on a shelf, convey brand standards that attract new and loyal customers, market to its environment, be understood and well designed from all angles and stand up physically through all kinds of usage. You can find all kinds of great examples of packaging design in the grocery store. It might take more time to find good samples in a sea of highly marketed and advertised materials. Simply sharpen your eyes and watch for the things that stand out from the others. It may be because of the color choice, their simplicity, package format or typography.

Simple Source Honey

Schroeder Milk Products

Schroeder Orange Juice

When you walk by your everyday environment on a normal day, you might be surprised how good design can change your perception of your own design and the city where you live.

Promotional Posters at Magers and Quinn in Uptown

These design examples show graphics at their most engineered and completed. In the next section I will show examples of distressed, worn or old graphics. These examples have a character all their own. Their relationship to their environment and the way they have become part of the landscape speak to their history and unique aesthetics.

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  1. Oh, goodness. You picked all my favorites. And I have a drawing of the Schroeder milk in my daily book from a couple of years ago. I hope they never change that design.