Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10 Reasons I Love Minneapolis - #10 Midori's Floating World Cafe

I have decided in no particular order to list the top ten things I love about living in Minneapolis. This is going to include places to eat, shop, hang out and locations for fun activities in the city. Some are maybe less well known but are always worth the time and for people who love Minneapolis, they are a must.

The first one I am listing is the amazing Japanese restaurant on East Lake Street called Midori's Floating World Cafe. I happened upon this restaurant several years ago and it has since become Jason and my number one location for Japanese food. Since my husband is half Japanese and was raised eating a lot of his mother's cooking, I hold his opinion of his native food in high regard. The owner is a Japanese native who also happens to be the sushi chef. The food also consists mainly of vegetarian and seafood entrees and is amazing for having authentic choices. We have been impressed with the menu being real Japanese food and high-quality sushi fish.

There are many other Japanese restaurants in the area but this location is definitely for locals who appreciate the food more than the night-life atmosphere. It is small with great customer service and completely friendly people. You can sit at a table or by the sushi bar and watch your food being prepared. They also have a great selection of green and herbal teas.

I think many people are perhaps thrown off by the neighborhood if they are not from the area. But, if you embrace the culture of the city and the great mix of people, Midori's is right up your alley.

This photograph shows the outside of the restaurant which is right down the street from the Town Talk Diner.

Some of the yummy gyozas we ordered. Usually they are vegetable but this was a special beef gyoza with a spicy dipping sauce.

This is the vegetable tempura I ordered as an appetizer. It includes battered and fried kabocha squash, broccoli, carrots, onion and green peppers. I have found many places over batter the vegetables but Midori's are light and crispy.

Their sushi is also delicious. Being pregnant, there are some fish I have to avoid for right now, but there are still many choices I can order. I got a Dragon Roll (shrimp tempura, cucumber, unagi and unagi sauce) and a cucumber roll. Jason always gets their special white tuna, tamago (egg) and also ordered a salmon skin roll. The presentation, as always, was beautiful.

We always leave feeling on a high and like we have eaten healthy, quality food.

More to come on my picks for why Minneapolis is the best place to live.

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  1. Oh, Midori's! I miss it so. Don't forget to order the mochi ice cream for dessert!