Sunday, February 7, 2010

Foot in the Door 4

Yesterday, my husband Jason and I stood in line yesterday (for an hour or so) at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to submit our work to the Foot in the Door Exhibition.

It is an open exhibition to any Minnesota resident and is a great opportunity to show some of your work. It is open to any medium (as long as it is not alive or growing). It is limited to one piece per artist and as long as it fits inside of a 12"x12" box, it will be shown at the exhibition.

Jason submitted his framed illustration Burger Cat. It is his take on a very hungry kitty being taunted with his greatest desire, a juicy burger, that is just outside of his grasp.

I submitted a framed black and white photograph I took of a singer in New York City last October. I was really happy with how this shot turned out. It captured a perfect moment during his performance, but also showed the uniqueness of his face.

The show is on view from February 19 through June 13, 2010 in the MAEP galleries. With thousands of submissions, it should be an eclectic, fantastic show!


  1. Good luck! Hope you two get in!

  2. good luck to you both!- jen

  3. Glad you both got in! Have a great time at reception tonight!