Thursday, January 21, 2010


I wanted to share some of my photographs from the past year. I made the switch to digital about a year ago, mostly because finding the materials I used to take and develop my film by hand, became harder and harder. I also had been a member of the Minneapolis Center for Photography (MCP) in Northeast Minneapolis where I used to do all of my developing. It was a great Co-op that unfortunately went the direction of so many old fashioned photography labs. I was heart-broken when it closed, but decided it was time to quit photography all together, or stop being so stubborn and venture into the world of digital. I bought my Nikon D90 and fell in love with it as much as my Nikon F100. I can even use my many lenses, provided I do not need to light monitor. The camera, along with my sketchbooks, seem to go most places I do.

This photo was taken over the summer in my work home-away-from-home, Bob's Java Hut on Lyndale in Minneapolis. It has such a great mix of people and their coconut, chocolate cookies are amazing.

Minnesota farmland, one of my favorite subjects to shoot.

Two of our best friends, Jenn and Dan got married on Long Island in October of 2009. It was one of the best times and abundant amounts of food we ever had.

My father and I drove to Lutsen, in Northern Minnesota in September of 2009 so I could take photographs and he could paint on the shores of Lake Superior.

Walking around New York City with Chandler and Jason in October of 2009.

The Minnesota State Fair in August of 2009. Still one of the best times and a must if you live in Minnesota.

And of course, my niece Laura. She manages to get on my camera every time I see her.


  1. Very nice photo work shown here, Elizabeth. I especially like the corn crib and Bob's JH shots!

  2. I love your photography, and especially love how different the results are when you and I go out shooting together! (Which of course only makes me miss you more, since I can't just come over and drag you out photographing anytime I want...)

  3. Love to see you having fun with your camera!:) Thanks for sharing!